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Summer Research Programs for Undergraduates


A supportive environment helps you do your best science. Joel Dalton, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Student Affairs, is your link to getting the support you need while you study with DBBS. 


Joel Dalton is the program coordinator for the DBBS summer programs. He not only coordinates everything before you get here, so he's the person that's at the forefront emailing you about some of that paperwork that you have to get in, about the programs that we will be doing over the summer so that you can be acclimated to the environment when we get here.

He, for me, was the person that convinced me to come here for the summer. So when I was applying, I was making a decision between here and another institution. And I wasn't really sure. And Joel emails me, and he's like, if you have any time, would you like to talk to me on the phone so we can talk through some of the things that you may be thinking about so we can help you to make the best decision? In that instance, I knew that he really just wanted me to succeed and do what I wanted to do, whether or not. I came to WashU.