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Dr. Cristina de Guzman Strong: An Exchange of Ideas

Supported by the Division’s award-winning faculty, our students drive groundbreaking research at Washington University. Dr. Cristina de Guzman Strong reveals why there’s no better place to be.

I love science. I get up every morning excited about science. I eat, sleep, and breathe it. My name is Cristina de Guzman Strong, and I'm an Assistant Professor of Medicine. I came to this institution. I fell in love with the place. I felt like every time I came here and talked to somebody, that my research program would grow. There was no better place to be than at Washington University.

We have, within the division of biology and biomedical sciences, 12 different independent programs for graduate school. Within these 12 programs, there's a lot of crossover and a lot of collaboration, and we all help each other out as we're going through the training and as we're mentoring students.

The research environment here at Washington University is extremely comprehensive and nurturing. I have a great work life balance here. There's amazing research, but at the same time, there is just a lot of opportunity to enjoy life.

There are really groundbreaking things that are happening here at Washington University, and the main reason that's happening is because of the students. They really push the envelope here. They push the faculty, which is a good thing. We need that. They have so much passion for the science here, and they feed off each other, so it's really fun to see that.

I always get these thank you cards, and I've kept each and every one of them, and I put them on my bulletin board in my office. And I look at those every day as a reminder that every student that I've mentored, and I can say that for a lot of faculty here, have done very well.

I come here to WashU where you have the greatest exchange of ideas, and students here who really have this raw talent and raw ambition. We harness it and they're able to succeed, and it's the most exhilarating experience to see that happen.