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Undergrad Summer Program

An International Perspective

Each year, international students comprise approximately 30-35% of the entering class. Our students come to DBBS from 47 countries. Camaraderie and collaboration are overriding qualities of the Division with students providing a built-in source of personal support and friendship for each other.

Going to a different country to study for grad school or undergrad, it's a great opportunity.

As an international student, you get a taste of what life can be in the U.S.

Generally, in my experience, at WashU and Central at St. Louis has been really great, I mean, really great. In terms of research, WashU is still one of the best in the world.

The division of biology and biomedical science is really good in supporting their students with whatever resources they might need.

And the people you do meet here at WashU are generally interested in actually helping you learn.

People are glad to help when people are willing to collaborate.

WashU is a very collaborative institution, and that really goes from faculty to directors and to students.

Everyone works together to make each other's science the best that it can be.

It's actually very helpful for my research, for my personal development.

We have faculty that are famous in all areas of knowledge, from biomedical engineering to stem cell biology, neurobiology. That puts us in an ideal position to really make great contributions to science.

St. Louis has enabled me to focus on science when I need to, but also has given me that outlet to go out and explore the city and explore the culture.

You always learn so many things about different cultures that this is an opportunity that you need to make the most of.

St. Louis is a fantastic place for you to really experience it. So I really advise my students and our international students to go and explore the city and see everything that it has to offer.

I still enjoy going to botanical garden. I've gone there three times already.

The City Museum, one of my friends has not been yet. And I was like, well, we have to go at some point because you can't graduate without having been to the City Museum.

Sometimes it feels like a small town. Sometimes it feels like a big city. I really like that about St. Louis.

When they ask me how I'm doing in the U.S. or how I'm doing in school, I always tell them that I'm doing great. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

Although it might be scary before you take the step and you move to the U.S., it's definitely rewarding once you're here.