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Beyond the Lab

Undergrad Summer Program

Finding a Group

The Division offers variety of different groups and organizations for graduate students and postdocs to join. Joining a group is a great way to meet people outside of your program or lab.

Some of the many groups available to our students include:
DBBS Student Advisory Committee (SAC)
Graduate Student Senate
Association of Black Biomedical Graduate Students (ABBGS)
Graduate Association of Latinx, Native American, and Caribbean Students (GALNACS)
Women in STEM (WiSTEM)
BioEntreprenuership Core (BEC)
Future Educators

Learn more about the Division’s organizations and campus groups here.

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The graduate students are getting here. This is their first week in St. Louis, and we're here doing orientation for them.

For the new student this is an awesome opportunity to chat with as many faculty members as they want. They've got us all here at one place. They don't have to try to schedule 20 different busy faculty members a time to meet. Here, we're waiting, we're standing here for two hours and we love to talk to them.

You really get to put on your scientific hat and come over and meet faculty, start networking, and really finding the layout.

And as a budding scientist, there is nothing better.

When students come here, obviously their primary focus is on research. It's on getting in the lab. It's cranking out that scientific output. But the reality is your graduate experience is going to be a lot richer than that.

WashU does so much for just giving us all these crazy options to do when we're not doing science.

Straight from undergrad, I thought I would just be in my research lab. I wasn't sure what opportunities would be available for me. And now during orientation I found all these clubs. There's, I don't know, maybe 20 clubs here, and I've signed up for four already.


My eyes were really opened today to all the possibilities and all the resources that are available to me at WashU, and I'm excited to jump in and get started.