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Undergrad Summer Program

Poster Day

The 10-week DBBS Summer Research Programs culminate in a poster session and symposium, where you'll have the opportunity to show off your summer accomplishments. In addition to your lab work, you'll have mentorship and guidance, including career counseling and test preparation materials, to help you find your best path.

Think this sounds like a great opportunity for you or someone you know? Click here to learn more and apply! Applications close FEB. 3, 2020.

So today was our closing symposium where students from all the three summer programs here at Wash U got to present their posters, the data that they have generated over the 10 weeks of the summer program.

Really great turnout. People came not just in the labs but from across Wash U, just I think a chance to recognize all the work that people have done this summer.

I think today was a really nice way for me to feel accomplished and to feel good about the work that I have been putting in.

Everyone that is in the program, especially this Wash U program, they, in a way, get really similar results in terms of learning a lot of new methodology, how to carry this out, and bring it back to their home university and further in their careers.

The people, the program faculty are super, super amazing.

Everyone was just very helpful and very welcoming. And that was honestly very apparent throughout this entire summer.

What you've learned now will build a foundation for what you're going to do in the future.

I have a lot of new insights on what I'm looking for in a graduate school, what types of questions to ask, and what I should be doing to better prepare myself to make myself a good candidate.

I feel like I've learned so much, and I have grown as a researcher and as a person. And I'm really excited to take what I've learned from here and use that later on.