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Meet Dr. Luis Batista

Collaboration between clinicians and research scientists is a hallmark of our Division. Dr. Luis Batista discusses what makes Washington University second to none when it comes to translational research.

My name is Luis Batista. I was born in Portugal, raised in Brazil. I came to St. Louis two years ago, and currently I am an assistant professor of hematology and dev. bio. In terms of research, WashU is second to none in this country. Where you have a top notch research institution with a top notch hospital. And that of course, allows us to do projects that other institutions can only dream of. We have our clinical samples right here, and we have our research labs right here too. So of course, all of this comes together in a very nice way.

And I think that that's why we're leaders in areas that really required that collaboration. For instance, functional genomics, WashU sequenced the first cancer genome, and since that day we've been in the forefront of that area. And that's really because of that collaboration between the clinicians and the research scientists. It really is a fantastic feeling when you find something that no one else has found before, and you see that it's useful. And you see that you can actually apply that to human health. And it can help improve lives of patients.

It's really-- it's a fantastic moment in any scientist's career. And you know, I'm really happy that WashU allows me to do that. And really can do that here. We have all the necessary equipment and resources and knowledge to do that here on a daily basis. I think our faculty and our students, we publish extremely well. And we publish extremely relevant research. That really help drive science forward, and really improve patients' lives.