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YSP: Young Scientist Program

The Young Scientist Program (YSP) aims to promote scientific literacy among underrepresented groups by bringing resources and scientists directly to teachers and students in the St. Louis area. Each year, the program reaches hundreds of high school students and teachers in the St. Louis City Public Schools.


YSP, or the Young Scientist Program, is really an educational outreach program that's designed to bring science to the community, specifically focused at young adults.

When I first learned about the Young Scientist Program, I was in love. It was something that I've always wanted to do.

That's really a good feeling to bring science to other people. Because I love science. And it's what I want to do. And it's great to talk about it.

Science was something that I became passionate about through my teachers. So if my teachers weren't passionate about science, of course I was not going to be passionate about science.

You can't really sum up YSP as just an outreach program. They expose high school students to the full scientific method and allow them to do bench research and make a presentation, write a paper and get mentored in how science actually happens.

So instead of just accumulating the knowledge, why don't I take the knowledge that I know and actually give it to somebody else?

I really enjoy teaching science to others and then seeing them be amazed by a concept that may seem simple to me or other scientists, but really this kid has no idea that happened and now he or she does. Maybe that'll change their perceptions about science. And they'll think about pursuing it as a career later in life.